Who Are We?


Introducation to wafaa:

Wafaa is a Capacity Building and Microfinance organization developed to change the lives of individuals who face poverty and injustice. We aim to introduce positive changes in key areas of living and develop strategic plans to combat the inequality people face everyday. We believe we have a great, yet simple plan to overcome poverty around the world.

Wafaa is non-profit group of organizations established in 2009. It was advocated by the 2008 International Humanitarian Conference based on the Assistance for the victims of Occupation and Refugees, IHCAVO that was held in Indonesia. The first intention was to establish an organization that will enhance the development of potential resources and capacities of  victims of occupation and refugees through online microfinancing.  That was the birth of wafaalend.org with the community of entrepreneurs from refugee camps or areas under occupation putting out their business plans and waiting for donors to sponsor their initiatives.  We soon realized the needs and opportunities are far greater than what we estimated.  That realization brought us to where we are today with the different products we offer.