Our Goals and Our Vision To the Future


In Wafaa Group We Are looking toward to the future ... and we are working to achieve our future goals. 

Here are some of our Goals&Vision :

Our Goals: 

 1-     To help those with struggling small businesses with the rehabilitation
         and re-operation of their businesses.

 2-     To spread the idea of self-dependence by creating success stories.

 3-     The development of the small business sector and the capacity
         of the “victims of occupation and refuge” individual.

 4-     To work towards replacing imported products with national products.

 5-     To develop and encourage motivation, creativity, and innovation by
         adopting new business ideas through finance, rehabilitation, and training.

 6-     “WAFAA” is considered the pioneer in the field of lending
           through the internet {online micro financing}.

 7-     Making ties and communication between people through lending in order to
          build the capacities of individuals.


Our Vision: 

   WAFAA’s comprehensive and agreed upon vision is a major reason for its success and
    it acts as a compass for the future work of the program.
    The program’s vision revolves around 3 main issues

   -The strategic position we wish to occupy – Pioneers in this field.

   -The strategic role we wish to carry out – Developing the abilities of the
    victims of Occupation and Refugees.

   -The strategic advantage we wish to have- Professionalism and Transparency.