Our History 

How Wafaa Group Started ? 

The Republic of Indonesia, which heads the (Committee Against Occupation) and the Human Rights Council in the U.N., generously hosted the International Humanitarian Conference on Assistance for Victims of Occupation and Refugee, under the slogan “End Occupation…For a Better Life” from Friday, October 31 to Sunday November 2, 2008, which corresponds to the 2nd through the 4th of  Dhu al-Qi'dah 1429 in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, and was attended by over 500 people from different countries and continents.

The participants in the conference came up with the following recommendation after presenting worksheets and projects and negotiations.


The Conference adopts the suggestions of the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. N. Hassan Wirajuda, to support the program for the development of the resources and capacities of the “victims of occupation and refugee” individual and authorized the formation of a preparatory committee for its launch

The idea of “WAFAA” was established in 2008 after the recommendation by the International Humanitarian Conference on the Assistance for the victims of Occupation and Refugee to form and establish the development of the resources and capacities of the victims of occupation and Refugee program {Building Capacity}. The council emerging from the conference adopted the internal regulations and the standards for partnership and membership, in addition to determining its vision, message, and goals, as well as electing its executive committee.  In 2009, “WAFAA” was registered as a non-profit organization in Indonesia, Turkey, Lebanon, and in the British capital, London, which is the location of its headquarters.