Meeting with jakarta governor

Wafaa Indonesia along with its Partner Nama Foundation and PKPU Human Initiative, meets the Governor of Jakarta Mr. Anies Baswedan. In this occasion, Mr. Soleh Bazeyad CEO of Nama Foundation give some brief about Nama Foundation and projects which is running in 5 countries, Palestine, Lebanon, Kirgizstan, Tanzania and Indonesia. Furthermore, Partnering with Wafaa Indonesia and PKPU, NAMA has several projects in Capacity Building and Education. One of those projects are Community Leader Program which is implemented by Wafaa Indonesia that empowering youth to be leaders in their communities and to be “sociopreneur”. Executive Manager Rantala Sikayo said. The other program which called, “Government Staff Capacity Building Program” implemented by PKPU also targeted to empower OK-OCE Program from it trainers, entrepreneurs and participators. Mr. Anies was veru glad to hear such initiatives from those NGOs and hoping to expand the collaboration between NGO-government. He hope that Government not only become administrator, but also could be a Collaborator and the People will become co-creator. He said thet this meeting will be the only meeting, but this will be kick off for another meeting and collaboration between Government of Jakarta and NGOs. Because NGO have more abilities to make more initiatives and government has ability to scale it up. So the collaboration with made more initiative with scaling up and bigger impacts.