Wafaa has signed an agreement to support the International Children's Village to provide health, social and nutritional security for more than 198 children. The first of its kind at the local level is headed by the Wafa International Group in Palestine and under the patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Dr. Mohammad Shteh and Btcherif of the Islamic Development Bank, represented by the presence of Mr. Hani Abu Diab, Development Advisor to the Palestine Development Bank and with the participation of Mr. Moheisen Atawneh, Palestine and the participation of the Chairman of the Village's Board of Directors, Mr. Talal Nasser Al-Din, culminated in the signing of the Convention for the Support of the International Children's Village, named SOS, which was the result of the shared vision of the WAFA International Group for Development and Capacity Building. Social and health conditions for the Palestinian society. The agreement aims to provide support for the provision of adequate housing and safety for children by seeking to rehabilitate houses in the village, carry out multi-purpose updates, provide safe drinking water and provide medical treatment for children in the village. Wafa Group seeks to empower the Palestinian society and strengthen the partnership with all parties that signed this agreement today.